Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our services. 

Do i have to schedule an appointment to come in?

For items such as wedding gowns, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and other formal wear an appointment is suggested. You can schedule an appointment here.

Other than that, if you have multiple items of anything, it is also a good idea to schedule an appointment

For alterations of single items not listed above, an appointment is not necessary as we gladly take walk-ins. 

When do I pay for my alterations?

We request payment for our services at the time you drop off your clothing. Your payment is essentially our authorization to work on your clothes.

We take cash & credit card including American Express, Discover, Master Card, and Discover. 

do you offer rush alterations?

We do offer rush alterations including same day, next day, and two day service.

A few things to keep in mind about rush jobs:

  • These are strictly subject to availability. Our workload changes on a daily & sometimes hourly basis.  For example, if we advise you over the phone/email/text/social media that we can take on a rush alteration, and the item is brought to us hours later that evening, there is a chance that we no longer have the availability to complete your rush job in the time that you need it. Rush alterations are very fluid and can change instantly.
  • All rush jobs are subject to a rush fee, no exceptions. The fee varies according to what alteration you need done and how soon it needs to be completed.
  • Any item requested back sooner than our normal turn around time, will incur a rush fee. The timelines listed below will trigger a rush fee:
    — Wedding gowns: 30 days or less
    — Bridesmaid dresses: 15 days or less
    — Prom dresses: 15 days or less
    — All other alterations (except custom work): Less than 7 days 
  • ** We do not offer rush alterations on Saturdays **.
How do i know if my alterations are ready?

When you drop your items off, we will give you a date & time that your alterations will be ready.

In addition, we send you a text the moment your alterations are ready for pickup. If you have not received a text, then it is safe to assume your items are not ready yet. 

What is a typical turn around time for alterations?

Most alterations are ready within 7 to 10 days from the date you dropped them off. This turn around time DOES NOT include formal dresses and gowns. 

Formal dresses and gowns (Wedding, Bridesmaid, Prom, etc) will take longer. You should expect at least 3 to 4 weeks turn around on these items. We do offer rush services for Formal wear, but that will incur a rush fee. See the Rush Alterations FAQ above for more details

Please note: During the “Wedding Season” of April-Aug, we fill up very fast, so turn around times may be extended beyond the normal times listed above. We suggest bringing your dress in as early as possible to avoid the rush and ensure we are available to do your alterations. 

How long do i have to pick up my alterations once i have been notified that they are completed?

We hope that you can pick up your alterations as soon as possible so you can enjoy your newly altered items immediately! But we do understand sometimes that is not possible. We just ask that if you are going to be longer than a week or two retrieving your items that you notify us so we can store them separately for you.

However, we do ask that if at all possible, all items are picked up within 30 days of completion as we are not responsible for items left longer than 30 days. 

Do you guarantee price quotes received over the phone/email/internet?

We always try our best to give you an accurate price quote for your items when you call/email/message/text us; but unfortunately that is not always possible. Everyone’s items & needs are different, and are priced accordingly. 

We can give general pricing information without seeing the item in person, but the only way to get 100% accurate pricing is to bring the item in so that we can look it over and give you a quote.